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Wind Socks

Wind socks are socks materials which are used to indicate the direction of the blowing wind. They are also used in gas stations to indicate the leakage in gas pipes. The wind sock is a conical material which is hung at the airports wherein they flow in the direction of the wind. They are also used to identify the relative speed of the material. The socks which are hung, point to the direction of the wind and so the direction and its relative speed can be found and that is why they are also used in highways as well. The relative speed is determined based on the angle that the sock subtends with the pole. When the winds are high, they flow horizontally, wherein they drop when they are low. Find the worlds largest selection of Wind Socks - Click Here

These wind socks are lighted up at night times to indicate the ground positions and also the windy directions. A 3 knot wind will make the wind sock to adjust itself according to wind direction. These are the places where wind socks are always used. But apart from these, the wind socks are also used in places like the golf spots, work sites, at places which are in need of the evacuation plans and so on. The latest edition of wind sock can detect winds even below one mile per hour. They are mostly used in detection of low winds. They can be mounted in top buildings, can be installed at ground levels, at poles and they can also be carried anywhere to detect the direction of the wind of that place. These wind tracking socks are mostly preferred in locations like Coast guard, Military, FEMA, EPA , major businesses, Municipalities, Heliports, airports, Nuclear power plants, Hospitals, Cities, first responders and places throughout the world. They can also be used as wind shears to observers.

The wind sock has six directional movements which will be convenient to track wind movements effectively. This will be of great help for the helicopter pilots. These wind socks are simple to construct and contain no metal parts; therefore there is no rust formation, no hoops, and no tangling on the poles. These wind socks can be adjusted to various height levels. The can be viewed clearly even from mile distance. Their bright colors are helpful to view then from long distance. Their recognition of wind is instant and also detects any hazardous movement.