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Gold Toe Socks

Gold Toe socks are high quality socks which are manufactured from Irish linen. These socks are very popular for their quality and comfort they offer and about 140 million pairs of socks are sold every year. These socks are highly recommended for foot health and it has been approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. The gold toe socks are highly resistant to fraying and holes when compared to the ordinary socks. When these socks came to the market, people had qualms in finding the right ones. So in order to clear the confusion, the manufacturer decided to add gold acetate thread. This was very useful to identify the right brand. As a result every other sock had the tag and they were distinctive from others. This was how the company which manufactured these socks got its name. As they are made from the finest yarn, they offer maximum comfort for those who wear them. Check out this listing of Gold Toe socks- Click Here

The Gold Toe socks are carefully knitted and are packed down for a smooth fit while wearing the shoes. The socks can be machine washed and they do not lose their colors even after several washes. The gold toe socks are so soft to wear and they can be used for all-around activities. They are made with high quality fabric and as a result they allow good circulation of air. The gold toe socks are manufactured with 82% cotton, 1% spandex and 17% stretch nylon, and consequently they offer comfortable fit and great support. There are ratings and size number printed in the tag. Regular fits range from 10-13 wherein king size ranges from 13-15. The Gold toe socks are highly recommended for those who suffer from foot perspiration, foot odor, and hyperhidrosis. They avoid infections and keep the foot cool due to the properties like resistant to odor and control of static.

Gold toe socks are not only manufactured for people with foot problems, even for athletes too. These types of socks are designed in a particular style to give it an athletic look. More types of socks which suit business people are manufactured with a combination of materials like stretch nylon, combed cotton and mercerized cotton lisle. They are the perfect wear for them which suits best for their business attire. As these socks are designed in a way which best suits for the anatomical fit, they offer ultimate comfort and delivers exceptional cool performance. Find a large selection of Gold Toe socks Here