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Cashmere Sweaters

Cashmere sweaters are made from the underbelly hair of the Cashmere goats. They live in Mongolia and along the borders of Pakistan and India. Lesser quality may come from Iran or Turkey. The best Cashmere is from the under hair found on the lower half of the body and on the goats belly. The Cashmere is light, soft and fine to touch and is very strong.  Harvesting this wool entails a lot of work. The goat has to be combed intricately so that the only fine under hairs is collected instead of the coarse top layer of hair. Combing a single goat can take up to three days.
After the cashmere wool is gathered it then goes through a process called de-haring in which the long hair that was removed during the harvesting process is taken apart from the under hair. The resulting hairs are then cleaned, dyed and either spun into yarn, or woven into other types of fabric.
In the past, the unrefined products were sent to Scotland or Italy where they were spun and woven. Back then, these countries were famous for their excellence in the spinning and weaving processes. In modern times, China has developed its spinning and weaving industry and is known to process a good portion of the harvest of the precious cashmere wool.
First-class cashmere sweaters and clothing, if excellently woven and in proper care, can last for a life time. The quality would still remain the same even after years and years of use. Cashmere sweaters never fail to keep you warm and comfortable with its softness. Expensive, yes, but it is worth every penny. Nowadays, there are many Cashmere sweaters available in the market that are not 100% Cashmere. These are the economical variants of a Cashmere sweater.
A 100% pure Cashmere sweater can be very dear, as it takes a lot of time and effort in making the soft and warm Cashmere sweater. So before investing on expensive quality Cashmere, be sure that you check and confirm the quality of the sweater you are about to buy by checking the following factors:

Touch. The quality of a Cashmere sweater can be easily determined by your fingertips. Typically, top quality Cashmere is woven with long fibers has the softness and a lavish feel. Lesser quality Cashmere is woven out of shorter fibers which reduce the feeling of smoothness and silkiness.

Shade. The darker shaded Cashmere sweaters are a bit rougher as compared to the lighter shades like the gray or pastel colors, because the lighter shaded Cashmeres are not exposed to a lot of dyes and harsh chemicals.

Stretch. Cashmeres are extremely light in weight and the density of the fibers makes it last for a long time. You can test the density by gently pulling the sides of the sweaters and letting go, quality Cashmeres would retain their shape while low quality cashmeres would show some sort of deformation.