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Cashmere Bed Socks

For a good nightís sleep in the chilly winters it is imperative to wear a cozy pair of bed socks. Cashmere bed socks are the best option for winters as they keep your feet warm and snug.

These bed socks are generally made of 100% cashmere without any blend of other synthetic fibers like nylon, spandex or angora that are some times added to strengthen the socks. This is because the purpose of bed socks is not rough use; rather it is intended to keep the cold away from your feet. 100% pure cashmere bed socks do exactly this. Check out great offers on Cashmere Socks over at Amazon - Click here

They are made of the finest fibers of the Cashmere goat, which possess high insulation capabilities for greater warmth. They prevent the feet from feeling damp and are not itchy. In addition they are extremely light and soft thus providing the wearer maximum comfort for a restful sleep. If these cashmere bed socks are hand washed with gentle soap they will certainly last for a long time.

These bed socks are available in a wide range of pleasing colors like ivory, ice blue, pink and silver. Colors like blue, ecru and pink are very popular amidst ladies and gentsí cashmere bed socks in air force blue, oatmeal and sage green are best sellers. You can also have them either in solid design or with stripes or lace patterns according to your personal tastes and preferences.

There are knee-high versions of cashmere bed socks as well as shorter editions. Another attractive buying proposition is the chunky, thicker, hand-knitted and more luxuriant version of cashmere bed socks called cable cashmere bed socks that provide additional warmth and comfort.

Though cashmere bed socks are quite expensive, you can grab them at discounts at clearance sales in online retail stores. Make sure you get your pair of fluffy and comfy cashmere bed socks and wear them to lounge in home and go to bed in luxury this winter. Cashmere bed socks are so special and classy that they also make lovely gifts to your near and dear ones. They will make an ideal present for your granny this Holiday season.