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Compression Socks

Compression socks are those which aid and support the lymphatic and venous systems of the leg. These socks offer maximum compression at the ankles and therefore aid in the circulation of lymph fluids and blood through the legs. There are various types of compression socks available with different colors, sizes and styles so that they almost look like any other ordinary socks. These socks seem to aid in avoiding the swelling of legs when traveling long distances. They avoid unnecessary movement of muscle, thus reducing fatigue and aids in speedy recovery. Find the perfect pair of Compression socks - Click Here

Compression socks are used to treat and to avoid various conditions like blood clotting, faulty veins, pooling of fluids in the legs and so on. The socks seem to benefit the patients suffering from varicose veins and thrombosis rather than normal people. The sock assists in avoiding backward flow of blood and strengthens the muscle movement. The compression socks can provide control of blood flow when exercising and other than that there is no effect in the normal people. When tested for the athletes, these socks improved the speedy recovery of the sore muscles after a long run. Other than this, they do not give significant benefit for the athletes. They seem to benefit more when worn by people who suffer from thrombosis and varicose veins. These socks are manufactured in various models. There are various features in the socks which aid in an athletesí performance. The price of these socks varies from $2 to $50.

The price of the socks is decided upon the amount of pressure it offers to the legs. Therefore those who want to get them, just check the pressure ratings which are provided in the tag. The pressure that the socks offers on the legs are measured the range of millimeters of mercury. The common rating of pressure indicated in the socks is 20-30mmHg. This amount of pressure will not be suitable for the athletes, so they can choose a different one according to their needs. Various models like the knee high socks, thigh high socks and pantyhose socks are available with different pressure ratings. Therefore before getting one, it is recommended to consult your physician. Then in that case, one can choose socks which have pressure ratings in the range of 20-50mmHg. Various other Compression socks like the flat knit, custom, circular knit, silver stockings are available which protect patients against syndromes like venous thrombosis, edema, and Lymph edema.